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Expansion control system on an automotive industrial plant

ATTSU has designed and manufactured an expansion control system on an industrial plant including a circuit up to 400 m3 of superheated water at 180 ºC

This system is composed of a tank including a regulation system which keeps at constant basis installation pressure and volume against water temperature shifts.

The traditional solution to absorb and compensate volume variations on this type of installations is by installing a higher capacity tank in order to absorb all volume shifts, which means installing high capacity pressurized tanks with its corresponding cost. In this case, superheated water at 180 ºC forces to have always 10 bar minimum pressure so as to avoid pump cavitation, etc.

This system designed by ATTSU is composed of a medium size pressurized tank including nitrogen (5 m3) whose control system keeps system pressure at constant basis.

Occasionally, when installation temperature increases or decreases, this system is compensated by tank nitrogen pressure regulation. Volume increases and decreases produced by water dilatation or contraction due to temperature shifts are regulated by feed water to a tank or from a not pressurized tank.

This system is prepared to work with compressed air instead of nitrogen.

This system is commanded by a PLC which controls pressure regulation elements (transmitters, automatic valves, etc.), as well as volume regulation (level probes, automatic valves, pumps, etc.). Both regulations are modulating, keeping at constant basis all parameters at all times. This control is prepared to be handled locally or remotely from plant DCS.