What is the IEC 61641:2008 certification that ATTSU holds?

This certification is awarded to electrical cabinets that are part of electric steam boiler installations. The body that grants it is the International Electrotechnical Commission (the IEC).

To obtain it, it is necessary to create an internal failure of the electric arc in an electrical cabinet manufactured by ATTSU so that a short circuit takes place. When this happens, checks are made to ensure that no particles are projected into the environment, with the risk of fire or injury to nearby personnel that this would cause. This is known as a destructive test.

The test specifications for the certification include the intensity of the short circuit (690 volts and 50,000 amps) and its duration (100 thousandths of a second).

The following ATTSU video shows how one of these tests was carried out. It must be performed in the facilities of the laboratory that has been accredited to award the certification.