Where are industrial boilers installed?

Industrial boilers must be installed in a place exclusively for them, and must also comply with each country's safety conditions, which in Spain are stricter for larger and more powerful boilers.

Current Spanish regulations divide them into class I and class II.

First class boilers, [Pressure (Bar) x Volume (litres) <15000], are usually less than 2000 kg/h and 8 bar, and installed in a boiler area. This is an area protected by a metal fence or chain, and can be outside, or inside in a room with specific safety measures.

Second class boilers, [Pressure (Bar) x Volume (litres)> 15000], are larger and more powerful, and as such require a boiler room, which must be an self-contained closed room with walls and a roof. They must comply with stricter safety measures than first class boilers.

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