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ATTSU has supplied a 2700 kW electric steam boiler in a large thermosolar plant in Latin America

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ATTSU has recently supplied an electric steam boiler of 2700 kW in a large thermosolar plant in Latin America producing 4.000 kg/h, at 12 bars working pressure (190ºC), superheating steam up to 300ºC. It has been designed to work under outdoor conditions, including modulating power regulation and feed water, automatic blowdown and TDS salinity device, electric superheater and temperature controller, as well as PLC control including MODBUS TCP/IP communication.

This boiler is equipped with a 10” touch screen, control panel including 4B segregation, 690V electric tension and 24-hour indirect surveillance.

It has been designed according to ASME code and includes seismic certification.

ATTSU has installed similar boilers in thermosolar plants and combined cycle. For further information please do not hesitate to contact our sales team, they will be pleased to assist you.