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ATTSU manufactures and supplies a biomass boiler with mobile grid.

ATTSU group has provided for an industrial plant of Cork Stoppers a 2,000 kw thermal fluid boiler to work up to temperatures of 300 ° C using biomass as fuel (wood chips, remains of Cork forest remains, etc.)

The boiler incorporates a furnace of inclined mobile Grill with fully automatic ignition, fuel supply, removal of ashes and securities systems.
The furnace is built by high quality refractory material that supports combustion temperatures above 1200 ° C with complete security. The heat recovery is carried out by a heat exchanger body consisting of helical coils installed upstream, getting values of high efficiency.

The facility has completely automatic systems for the regulation of all the variables of the process as: combustion air, flue gas, feeding values, temperatures, pressures, etc..

With this boiler the industrial plant has been reduced to zero their consumption of diesel fuel, obtaining in this way a period of return on investment very advantageous.