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Steam boilers including Low NOx System

High efficiency steam boilers composed by a Low NOx combustion system; minimal environmental impact when producing saturated steam.

During decades ATTSU has been focusing its best efforts on achieving the highest efficiency and eco-friendly products.

Along these past years these efforts have been awarded when many industries have trusted our equipment in order to minimize environmental impact while preserving the highest efficiency at their factories.

A great example is the supply of 2 ATTSU steam boilers  RL-2000 series to produce dry saturated steam. These boilers are composed by a cross flow economizer made of stainless steel integrated on boiler body which achieves equipment's highest efficiency (5% of additional efficiency), continuous water feeding throughout 3-way-valve, 2 feed water pumps (one ON, the other on stand-by), automatic blowdown and salinity device, and lastly a modulating natural gas burner which offers Low NOx emissions