How can corrosion be prevented in industrial steam boilers?

Serious losses are caused by corrosion, taking into account the time and cost of the repairs to replace the section of the steam circuit affected and the stoppages of machinery, loss of production and changes in manufacturing that it entails. This means that preventing corrosion is very important, and it is also not very difficult if the quality of the water in the circuit is checked regularly.

Checking the pH is essential for preventing corrosion.  An acidic pH causes corrosion. The oxygen and the CO2 dissolved in the boiler's water lead to corrosion at different levels of the circuit's metallic components. Corrosion is faster if the boiler runs at high pressure and temperature levels.

The industrial steam boilers that ATTSU manufactures and installs monitor the different phases of their operations, and water samples can also be obtained from different areas of the circuit to locate the points in the structure that are most sensitive to corrosion.