What are the advantages of pyrotubular boilers?

Advantages of pyrotubular boilers:

1. More residual heat in the water to allow load changes.

2. Simpler control systems due to large volumes of water in the housing - Water quality does not change so

quickly due to the greater volume of water.

3. The entire plant can be purchased as a complete package; you only need to secure the basics

and the connection to water, electricity, fuel and steam systems before start-up.

In this way, the installation cost of pyrotubular boiler systems is reduced.

4. In addition, due to their availability as packaged systems, they can easily be moved from one place to another.

5. The construction and routine maintenance of a pyrotubular boiler is very simple.

6. Pyrotubular boilers usually consist of a single oven tube and a burner. Therefore, the control systems for heating inside these boilers are kept simple.

7. Due to their comparatively low operating pressures, the accessories needed to support pyrotubular systems can be obtained at very economical prices.

8. These type of boiler systems are very efficient regarding fuel consumption. In addition, its operation is very easy.

9. They provide very cost-effective heating solutions.

10. Their cleaning procedure is very simple.

11. They are available in compact size and shape. In general, their size ranges between 0.038 MW and 35 MW.

12. They are designed in such a way that the replacement of the boiler tubes is very simple.

13. They are widely used for space heating and a wide variety of industrial applications.