What are the applications of industrial steam boilers in hospitals and hotels?

Large healthcare and catering facilities such as hospitals and hotels need industrial steam boilers, especially for laundry and kitchen areas. What these facilities have in common is that they are clean environments and need steam with high levels of purity, as in the material sterilisation area in hospitals.

ATTSU's GE boiler is an electric steam boiler, for low and medium consumption levels, and is designed for installation in clean environments like these.

However, ATTSU's RL and HH boiler models are also suitable for installation in these sectors, e.g. for an industrial laundry.

It is common practice in hospitals to produce industrial steam using a standard boiler and to make clean steam using a Reboiler or clean steam generator; these are made entirely of stainless steel, to ensure that there can be no contamination due to water treatment or additives to protect standard boilers.