What disadvantages do water tube boilers offer?

Disadvantages of a water tube boiler:

1. It is necessary to be more careful with the quality of the feed water

2. More complex control systems are needed for the drum level due to the smaller water spaces.

3. Operators must be faster when there is an alteration because everything happens faster with a water tube boiler.

4. Unlike pyrotubular boilers, these boiler systems cannot be manufactured in packaged form. Therefore, their installation procedure in the workplace tends to be comparatively difficult and time-consuming.

5. The installation and the initial cost of these boiler systems are very high.

6. Although several burners can be used at the same time to achieve a flexible system, the use of more than 30 burners in the power generation plants is generally avoided due to the greater complexity.

7. Unlike shell-tube boiler systems, water tube boilers are not available in a compact physical version. In addition, their cleaning process is quite complicated.

8. In addition, tube replacement is not possible in water tube boilers, as there is no consistency between the tube designs.