What is an industrial boiler with vertical execution?

It is a boiler with its components placed one on top of the other instead of in a horizontal arrangement.

The advantage of these boilers is that they take up less space. They were used historically on board ships, and are still used today in many industrial sectors.

ATTSU designs and manufactures vertical boilers. Its FT range contains both vertical and horizontal thermal fluid boilers, ranging from 120 kW to almost 12,000 kW of useful thermal power.

ATTSU's vertical FT boiler models are watertube boilers with three smoke passages. In addition to being highly energy efficient, they have low levels of pollution and low maintenance costs.

ATTSU does not recommend using vertical steam boilers, since due to their low steam rate, and the vaporisation that takes place inside the pipe, they suffer from water carryover and have a much shorter working life.