What type of steam boilers are used in the sugar industry?

The sugarcane extraction and processing industry is widespread in countries in America and Asia.

Many industrial steam boilers are fuelled by biomass in this industry, and by the by-product known as bagasse, which is widely used in industrial facilities in this sector.

As a fuel, bagasse is easy to obtain because it is created by crushing the sugar cane. Its calorific value can exceed 2,000 kcal/kg but its humidity levels are high (55%).

The catalogue of industrial steam boilers that ATTSU manufactures and installs contains models that are fuelled work with biomass . These include the CSPM boiler model, which can use biomass of any size, and has easy ash cleaning thanks to its mobile grill.

It is undoubtedly the ideal range for the sugar industry for modernising and saving fuel in industrial steam boilers.