The economizer ECO series is designed for exhaust gases thermal recovery.

Incorporating the economizer ECO it is possible to achieve maximum efficiency.

The Economizer ECO series easily enables reduction of costs relating fuel. Exhaust gases from boiler combustion are an important energy source which you can easily benefit from.

Benefit from your installation maximum efficiency incorporating an Economizer ECO series.

ATTSU has developed, manufactured and installed a wide range of tailor made systems for thermal resources optimization, achieving fuel saving, in some cases higher than 10%. Most of this equipment could be installed without plant production interruption, with short term payback. 

Unique and ATTSU exclusive design with removable battery systems, facilitating access, maintenance and tubes cleaning.

It is completely insulated by Rockwool thickness 100 mm in order to avoid thermal loss.

Carbon steel tubes and possible to choose between high frequency welding flat or saw fins tubes available as well in aluminium according to process needs and characteristics.

For medium and high capacity boilers it is possible to install the economizer within the back exhaust gas box, significantly reducing the required space for the whole equipment.

Concerning shape and dimensions, it is adaptable according to process or installation. 

On the right tap named Video you can see the assembly of an economizer on a HH steam boiler.