Other steam equipment



The IVL is a heat exchanger specifically designed for heat all kind of liquid with steam.

Its main features are summarized:

• Wide power range from 15,000 kcal / h. 

• Make by stainless steel or carbon steel depends of industrial application, for increasing his shell and tubular exchange live and durability. 

• Reduced size, the result of long experience constructive and constant product improvement. 

• Outstanding easy of cleaning both circuits. 

• Superb heat transfer, as in the design for maximum speed of both fluids which favors the exchange and gives us a set of maximum efficiency. 

• it can be supplied with differents shapes: fork, coil, tubular exchange... to get the maximim heat exchange and maximum efficiency in the industrial process: . 

• Access to all components and easy maintenance result. 

• The equipment can be supplied with valves, pumps and controls, analog output and communications port for remote logging. 

• exchange certificates according to Directive 2014/68/UE.