Steam Boilers


High voltage electric boiler (6 - 25 kV)

High voltage electric steam boiler that produces steam with zero CO2 emissions

Steam production from 3,000 Kg/h (2,000 kW) to 50,000 Kg/h (35,000 kW).

It's main summed up characteristics are:

Steam is generated by circulating the boiler water through the upper chamber where the electrodes are suspended.

Steam is produced in the upper chamber and released at the upper side of the boiler.

The boiler regulates on constant pressure up to its maximum power setting. The output is controlled by a throttle valve that regulates the level in the upper boiler chamber.

An important parameter related to optimal function of the electrode boiler is the water conductivity.

The conductivity is continuously monitored to ensure that the boiler gives the correct output.

When the conductivity exceeds the programmed set point, automatic blow down is initiated.

When the boiler is in operation mode, the boiler can regulate from 4-100% in 1 minute.

From cold start to 100% effect, it takes few minutes. With hot keeping of the boiler you can go from standby till 100% in around 2 minutes.


High performance: convert almost 100% of the electrical energy into heat. Rapid response (full load within 30-40 minutes from cold start or within one minute from hot start).

Economical Installation: Operating at distribution voltages, eliminates the need for fuel lines, storage and handling equipment, economizers, and emission control equipment, saving on capital expenditures.

Lower operating costs: easy to operate and simple to maintain. Automatic controls reduce the operating personnel requirements.

Solves energy problems: for areas affected by allocations or interruption of natural gas and costly oil supply, electrode
boilers provide a dependable source of steam. Offers a clean, easier-to-use alternative to fossil fuels.

Safer operations: there are no flames, fumes, fuel lines or storage tanks. No low water danger since the current cannot
flow without water. Thermal shock is eliminated. Electrically safe due to grounded pressure vessel.

Minimal maintenance: long-life electrodes are cooled by water jets produced by an integrated loop pump. Having a minimum number of components and electrical controls, provide maximum reliability. Without fuels, cleaning and
maintenance are reduced.

Pollution-free: without combustion, the operation of boilers is quiet, clean, and emissions-free. Problems associated with other energy sources such as noise, fuel fumes, fly ash, large stacks, do not exist for electrode boilers.

Calculation and construction of the boiler, the standards of the German TRD & EN 12953 Code, the European pressure equipment directive PED 2014/68/UE, and the REP (Pressure Equipment Regulation) & ASME are followed.

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GEHV - High voltage electric boiler (6 - 25 kV) GEHV - High voltage electric boiler (6 - 25 kV) GEHV - High voltage electric boiler (6 - 25 kV)