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ATTSU Steam boiler efficiency at 96.3% to produce the best orange juice

We have installed a 12.000 kg/h steam boiler in Comunidad Valenciana, with high efficiency level and control for high purity orange juice production.

ATTSU Group has installed in a food industry in Comunidad Valenciana a steam boiler to produce 12 tones of steam with our model HH 12.000.

This boiler is composed of a dual biogas and natural gas, which burns both fuels simultaneously achieving a modulating rate of 1/13.

This boiler is composed as well of an economizer made of stainless steel 316L, including tube, fins and outer body, achieving a final combustion efficiency of 96.3%

In order to achieve this efficiency and regulation, combustion optimization has been required by implementing a frequency shifter and a O2 cell. Moreover, a continuous carbon monoxid cell has been implemented which switches off the burner in case of an monoxid level rise above the selected value. 

Steam outlet pressure settings are managed by PID devise above the burner and other one within the boiler feed water system through continuous water feeding combinating shifter control and 3-way valve.

This boiler is equipped with blowdown, salinity device with continuous data reading, and also temperature probes for combustion efficiency control installed within the economizer gas inlet and outlet, as well as economizer water inlet.  

72 hours boiler surveillance system installed and in order to comply with TRD, adjustments on boiler and boiler room surveillance systems have been required. A PLC Siemens 1500F series safety system enables controlling all these safety elements.

For controlling installation global efficiency the following power controls have been installed:

  • Boiler steam meter throughout the plant
  • Boiler steam meter to deaerator.
  • Water meter.
  • Natural gas meter.
  • Biogas meter.
  • Power meter for each motor involved in boiler operation.

Feed water by conducted an ATTSU Deaerator fully made of stainless steel, including modulating feed water and steam flow which enables reaching an optimal efficiency of feed water degassing. The deaerator is equipped with a O2 meter of the O2 dissolved within the water whihc enable visualization of correct boiler operation.