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ATTSU has supplied a Natural Gas heating system on a regasification plant

Natural Gas heating system on a regasification plant located in Belgium

This thermal generation system conducts heat throughout glycol water at 40%.

This system is composed by two boilers designed according to ASME IV, one of them operating and the other one on warm standby basis, 1 MW thermal power each one. Both boilers are composed by an economizer to improve efficiency, and achieve a global efficiency up to 96.4 %.

Moreover, this installation is composed by a pumping system to conduct the heat transmitting fluid to the Natural Gas heater, and then injected to the network.

Furthermore, an expansion tank according to ASME VII has been supplied, which is able to absorb volume changes resulting from fluid heating.

One of the boilers supplies heat to this Natural Gas heating system, whereas the other one is on standby is ready to operate immediately if needed in case of an emergency or increasing demand. Everything is performed by a recirculation system which enables the operating boiler to work and adjust to demand, while keeping the standby boiler at minimum power.

The whole system is controlled by a PLC enabling local control mode and remote control mode from DCS.

The control system is composed by SIL 2 safety level according to EN-61511 norm, in which safety elements have been implemented, designed and certified according to EN-61508 norm.