How are the pipes in the boiler circuit installed?

The design of the circuit through which the steam and other components circulate for the installation of an industrial steam boiler includes the following pipes:
•    The outlet from the boiler, called the consumer or distributor connection.
•    The outlet from the safety valves to the exterior (atmosphere)
•    The water inlet to the boiler from the feed pump, which comes from the condensate tank.
•    The aeration pipe lines: for the condensate tank, the blowdown cooler and the blowdown drain.
•    The blowdown lines, from the blowdown points to the cooler.

The design of the layout of all these pipes must be adapted to the space available, and to the characteristics of the industrial warehouse where it is to be installed. Thanks to the extensive experience of the engineering and design department at ATTSU, installations can be created with a view to maximum energy efficiency.