How do you transport a heavy steam boiler weighing over 40,000 kilograms to its destination after it has been manufactured?

First, while it is still within the manufacturing facility, a gantry crane lifts the main body of the boiler until it is suspended in the air long enough for a transport trailer large enough to carry its size and weight to be positioned underneath, so that the boiler can be placed on its transportation platform. The manoeuvring involved in loading the boiler onto the trailer that is going to transport it requires a high level of coordination between the lowering speed of the crane bearing the weight of the boiler, and the precise positioning of the trailer that will bear its weight throughout the entire journey.

At the destination, another crane lifts the new boiler from the platform on wheels, and leaves it in position on its concrete base.

The following ATTSU video presents a real case involving the loading, transportation and unloading of a large boiler - the BV-25000/20 recovery model, which is 12.5 metres long, 4.9 meters high and weighs 90 tons.