What accessories for boilers are there?

An industrial steam boiler must be installed in a way that is appropriate for the process for which the steam is going to be used and the automation that the customer wants. Projects are often custom designed for this reason, and include complementary features that make the boiler more suitable for the industrial process. The most common accessories are:

•    Automatic blowdowns 

•    Indirect 24 h or 72 h monitoring

•    Blowdown cooler tanks.

•    Economisers to improve the performance of any boiler.

•    Complementary installations for feedwater, including a feed tank, a condensate recovery tank, a water softener, an additive dispenser and taps for taking samples, among others.

•    Vaporisers and steam collectors with multiple connections.

•    Thermal deaerators to improve the boiler's performance with feedwater treatment. 

ATTSU manufactures and supplies all types of complementary equipment for industrial steam boilers, and designs new equipment and tools if they are necessary for the final installation to meet its clients' expectations.