What do the EU MEPS motor regulations cover?

The acronym EU MEPS stands for European Union Minimum Energy Performance Standard, and refers to the implementation since 2011 of minimum energy performance levels for electric motors marketed in the European Union (EU).

These regulations cover the manufacture and marketing of three-phase induction motors with power levels up to 375 kW.

The output of the motors which it is applied to is measured against two international standards of the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission): IEC 60034-2-1: 2007, and IEC 60034-30.

For this reason, on the specifications plate and in the documentation of the motors that ATTSU manufactures and markets for the EU, you can find:

-The year of manufacture

-The lowest nominal efficiency of the range at 100%, 75% and 50% rated load

-The efficiency level (International Efficiency) - IE2 or IE3.

With the application of the EU MEPS standard, which does not apply to motors for hazardous atmospheres or brake motors, ATTSU and the other manufacturers in the EU guarantee the application of the Ecodesign, which is aimed at reducing energy consumption, and obtaining higher performance levels from the products they manufacture.