What is a superheated steam heater used for?

A superheated steam heater enhances the efficiency of the boiler when the vapour quality requires specific temperature and humidity values.

If an industrial process requires steam at temperatures above saturation point (100 degrees Celsius), a superheated steam heater in the boiler installation is needed.

The most common use for superheated steam is in steam turbines for generating electricity, when a drop can damage the turbine.

ATTSU produces the RVE electric superheated steam heater, which can be included in the initial design of a boiler or it can be fitted independently at any point when consuming dry or saturated steam is required. ATTSU also designs the adjustment of superheated steam heaters according to the needs and characteristics of installations that are already running which require them.

In addition, it manufactures boilers with a built-in superheated steam heater (HS model), which are models made to measure according to the needs for steam and superheated temperature.