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ATTSU RVE Electric superheated steam heater

ATTSU RVE Electric superheated steam heater is used in certain processes which require superheated steam, therefore steam boilers are equipped with steam superheaters along with the boiler, such as ATTSU boilers HS, RLS and GES series.

If there is a long distance between the boiler and the user, energy waste could be significant and the steam may not arrive at the expected conditions which means that whether an overdimensioned superheater is needed along with the boiler or a superheater needs to be placed right at the consumption point. 

In case we have saturated steam or there is a need for compensating the temperature loss caused to the superheated steam due to its transportation, ATTSU fulfills this need offering its own electric superheaters RVE series which are specially designed according to each installation and can be placed right next to the consuming equipment.

RVE - Electric steam heater RVE - Electric steam heater