What is the relationship between the manufacturer and owner/user after the industrial steam boiler has been delivered?

Given the very specific technical specifications of industrial boilers and their importance in the production processes in which they are involved, the relationship between each boiler's manufacturer and owner lasts almost as long as the boiler's lifetime. Both parties have duties and obligations with respect to the other, which are regulated by law.

For example, the manufacturer must provide the owner with all the necessary documentation for the boiler they have just purchased, ranging from the operating and maintenance instructions to the safety and control devices. Meanwhile, the owner of the boiler must have specialised personnel to operate it, must perform the necessary checks and repairs to keep the boiler in perfect condition to obtain the best performance from it, and is responsible for safety checks. The owner of the premises is also the company responsible for legalising the installation of the equipment and for carrying out the mandatory inspections, with the company accredited to carry them out.