What is the start-up procedure for a steam boiler?

The start-up of an industrial steam boiler is a key point in its commissioning.

If the start-up involves a new steam boiler, the appropriate installation and commissioning permit must be obtained and all the connections made properly before it takes place, if it is to operate correctly and be safe for personnel.

The start-up sequence for an industrial steam boiler consists of turning on all the circuits of the elements involved in its operation in the right order:

-The water and chemical dosing circuit to ensure that the water complies with the EN 12953-10:2003 standard.

-The fuel circuit, burner ignition and fuel ignition.

-Proportional heating up to operating pressure

Thanks to its installation of "turnkey" boilers, ATTSU delivers the installation ready for start-up, and also remains at the client's side at that time.