"Turnkey" boiler room design and installation

"Turnkey" boiler room design and installation, also available for thermal oil, hot water and superheated water.

Installation and manufacture of all the elements required within the boiler room. 

Basic works to be applied within the boiler room:

  • Boiler adjustment on boiler room 
  • Chimney assembly made of stainless steel, including rain guard and cap
  • Steam line from outlet valve to steam manifold inlet or consumption connection
  • Feed water connection pipeline from condensate tank to feed water pump
  • Safety valves outlet pipeline
  • Condensate tank aeration pipeline
  • Blowdown cooler aeration pipeline
  • Connection pipeline of different diameters between blowdown and the drain
  • Sliding supports for steam pipeline and return
  • Pipelines, steam manifold and return isolation through high density rock wool and outer protection made of stainless steel or aluminum plate 
  • CE and  ASME Certification for pipelines installation