What types of burner control are there for industrial boilers?

There are two types of burners for industrial steam boilers, depending on how they control the mixture of air and fuel at the key point in the boiler's operation, which is the generation of combustion.
•    In mechanically controlled burners, the installation's operator has to make the adjustments needed to ensure that the combustion is as fuel-efficient as possible. They operate by means of servomotors and mechanically activated hatches. They are regulated mechanically, with springs and screws.
•    Electronic burners are digitally controlled, and have advantages over mechanical burners in terms of performance and maintenance, since they are adjusted by an electronic signal and do not suffer from mechanical imbalances due to movement.

A mechanical burner or an electronic burner can be installed depending on the customer's needs.
ATTSU installs burners adapted to the fuel used by their boilers, equipped with an oxygen probe, a variable speed drive, etc.