Why are purges necessary in industrial steam boilers?

If a purge or partial extraction of the water circulating through the boiler is not performed, impurities tend to build up in the liquid water that circulates through the boiler and they settle at the bottom. This would mean that part of the boiler water would have to be poured down the drain.

A purge involves extracting the necessary amount of water that has too much salt from the boiler, and refilling the circuit with fresh water with lower levels of salt.

Purges are subject to specific controls in industrial steam boilers.

They are necessary to reduce salinity in the boiler water to limit the number of blowdowns, as the thermal efficiency of any industrial steam boiler declines as more blowdowns are performed.

ATTSU understands this problem and helps its customers to find the optimal point between the number of purges required and the thermal efficiency of the industrial steam boilers that it install.