Hot water boilers


Electric low voltage (400 - 690 V)

The ACE is an electric hot water boiler for small consumption, installation in clean environments or supplying .

With production from 15 kW to 5.000 kW.

It's main summed up characteristics are:

The ACE is an electric water boiler (E-Boiler), designed for small and medium consumption, installation in clean environments and high purity water supply.


With low voltage supply 400 - 690 V


Its main characteristics summarized are:


The experience accumulated in more than 70 years, and to continuous research, the ACE boiler, as a consequence of its thick and high-density insulation, has very low radiation losses.


Great accessibility for maintenance and revision, due to the registration and removable panels of the body under pressure.


The low-load ohmic resistances, made of stainless steel or incoloy, encapsulated and shielded, totally submerged, make the ACE a boiler with unbeatable thermal transmission.


The entire boiler is perfectly insulated with a 100 mm thick mantle of mineral wool, enclosed in AISI-304 stainless steel sheeting so that radiation losses are minimal and it has a long resistance over the years to oxidation and chemical attacks in corrosive environments


With power staggering from 4% to 100%, they make the ACE an electric water boiler with flexible and modulating water supply.


Upon request, the ACE boiler can be supplied with the ATTSUTROL electrical control cabinet, with PLC and HMI incorporated, being able to achieve 24 or 72 hour surveillance. ATTSUTROL, allows remote connection via VPN via Ethernet, in order to provide instant technical service anywhere in the world.


The ACE boiler, with a single start-up command, incident indicators, automatic locks against erroneous maneuvers and a panel with summarized maintenance instructions, makes it very reliable and understandable for the boiler operator.


In the calculation and construction of the boiler, the standards of the German TRD & EN 12953 Code, the European pressure equipment directive PED 2014/68/UE, and the REP (Pressure Equipment Regulation) are followed.


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