Steam Boilers

RLE - Hybrid

Natural gas, LPG, Diesel, Fuel oil, Biogas + Electricity

Fire tube steam boiler with low NOx emissions (< 100 mg/Nm3) and 400V electrical heating. With up to 50% of electric steam generation

Steam production from 50 kg/h to 5,000 kg/h and thermal power from 30 kW to 3,500 kW. Production with electricity from 5% to 50% of total production

It's main summed up characteristics are:

Designed to work with any common fuel (Natural Gas, LPG, Diesel, Fuel Oil, Biogas) + Low voltage electric steam production (400 or 690 V), through special high temperature electrical resistances. Being able to generate steam through fuel or electricity or both at the same time.

It allows responsible use of energy, being able to use electricity or fuel depending on the need, adjusting the % of each of the fuels.

High head of steam, achieved thanks to the large volume and height of the steam chamber.

The emissions of the boiler plus burner set developed by the ATTSU R+D+i department in collaboration with the most important burner manufacturers, make it comply with EU Directive 2015/2193 in relation to NOx <100 emissions. mg/Nm3, reaching values below 80 mg/Nm3.

Great accessibility for maintenance thanks to its hinged doors. The fireplace and tubular plate are fully accessed from the front, and the rear tubular plate and gas inversion box are accessed from the rear.

RLE - HYBRID boilers are pressurized combustion, with 3 smoke passages, horizontal cylindrical type, completely water-cooled.

The tube bundle is equipped with turboprops that create a turbulent gas regime, thus increasing the heat transfer coefficient by convection. At the exit of the tubular bundle, the gases are collected in the rear chamber and channeled towards the chimney.

A careful study of geometries allows us to obtain an optimal relationship between combustion volumes and exchange surfaces.

The selection of materials and equipment is also conceived to offer the maximum longevity of our boilers.

The internal recirculation of water and the low resistance to the passage of gases is guaranteed thanks to the design, section of tubes and separation between them.

Yields up to 91%

The thermal insulation is formed by a thick layer of low conductivity and high density material, covered by a stainless steel metal casing.

Optionally they can be equipped with PLC with different communication protocols such as Modbus, Profibus, etc, facilitating the integration of the boiler in any industrial process.

•The RL Low NOx boiler is certified in accordance with European Directive 2014/68/UE.and optionally could be certified according to ASME, BS,DNV, EAC, DOSH, JIS and others.


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