Steam Boilers

Modelo Container

Mobile Steam Boiler Room

Container model is a mobile boiler room with the measurements of a 20-feet Standard sea container or an insulated container made to order, ready to connect and operate.

The container is equipped with all the elements of a complete boiler room with a boiler RL model including water treatment equipment, flash vessel and all the indoor water, steam, condensate return and electrical installation and pipes.

Features of the facility within the container:

Boiler RL model from 50 to 2,000 kg / h according to customer needs.

• Water treatment equipment WTC model adapted to the container and boiler model chosen.

• Flash vessel DF model installed according to the boiler chosen.

• Dimensions:

----- Length :........ 6060 mm.
----- Width:............2,440 mm 
----- High :........... 2,600 mm.
• Access door from the front (side burner) dual blade and side of a single sheet.

• The marine type container is prepared for such facilities, with high resistance to corrosion, shock, and loads.

• Fireplace built in stainless steel plate with single-wall flashing and hat.

• Outside driving of the safety valve.

• Aeration pipes from the boiler and condensate deposit in the water treatment equipment to the outside of the container, constructed with stainless steel tube AISI-316.

• Stainless steel pipes AISI-316L in various diameters for conducting purging of the boiler feed pumps, general line of steam, condensate return line ...

• Connecting the overflow from the water treatment equipment to the outside of the container.

• Possible to incorporate within the fuel tank of 1,000 liters of double-walled, with accessories and suction and ventilation tubes on the model of the boiler.

• Hardwood floors, on the steel structure.

• Painted green ATTSU or color according to customer needs ..