How long does it take to install an industrial steam boiler?

There is no single answer to this question, because after it has been manufactured, the installation of an industrial steam boiler depends to a large extent on the specifications of the entire boiler and its auxiliary components, and that depends on the client's order based on the steam needs they require in their processes.

ATTSU manufactures and distributes the boilers and installations that are easiest and fastest to supply, including mobile boiler rooms and the container model.

It also provides the most extensive service including the installation of industrial steam boilers. This is the comprehensive service for the design and installation of boiler rooms known as the "turn-key" service.

Between these two extremes, there is the entire range of boilers with various specifications and different sizes, which will undoubtedly include the one that is best suited to your industrial plant.

The assembly time generally ranges between one and two weeks.