What are steam boilers used for in the food industry?

The food industry is one of the primary users of industrial steam boilers in many of its most important processes.


These processes include drying food. The dryers are heated by steam, in order to prevent the product being dried from coming into contact with the combustion that creates the heat. Food is also sterilised and pasteurised using steam, thereby ensuring food safety.


In food production, steam is sometimes not applied directly to the food or one of the ingredients, but instead to the final package, as is the case with canned preserves. In this case, cans which have been filled and sealed are subjected to high pressure steam until they reach the temperature that sterilises the container and the product inside it.


Conserving energy and water and the minimising waste are the strictest requirements for the processes in this sector, which is why ATTSU's most efficient steam boilers are manufactured for the food production sector, for both human beings and animals.