What does the installation of a boiler room consist of?

Industrial boilers of a certain size may need to be installed with a boiler room, which must be built specifically for the boiler according to the technical instructions specified by law.

The design and assembly of a boiler room can be very complex, since all the necessary items and their correction location in the space prepared for the boiler room must be taken into account. The many things to do and factors to take into account include:

• Boilers must be in a level space, and in a suitable location.

• The chimney and the numerous pipes entering and leaving the boiler must be assembled with their safety valves.

• The input water from the condensate tank must be connected to the water inlet pump.

• The condensate tank must have an aeration pipe, and a tank that cools the drain.

• The boiler drains must be connected to the cooler and the water drain.

• The pipes must be insulated with the appropriate material.

• Approval for the final installation must be obtained and the permits for its commissioning must be processed.

Among its services, ATTSU offers a turnkey service, which includes the design and assembly of steam and thermal oil boiler rooms, among other facilities.