What are the advantages of low NOx industrial steam boilers?

Low NOx industrial steam boilers minimize environmental impact by polluting the atmosphere with less nitrogen dioxide. They are the best response to European regulations on emission of polluting gases in medium-sized combustion facilities <100 mg / Nm3 (EU Directive 2015/2193 and RD 1042/2017 of 12/22/2017). In the case of low NOx boilers manufactured by ATTSU, they reach values ​​below 70 mg / Nm3.

They have burners specially designed to generate low toxicity in NOx which controls the mixture of fuel and air so that the speed at which NOx is formed decreases.

Being firetube boilers, where the fumes resulting from combustion circulate in tubes surrounded by the fluid to be heated inside the boiler, they have multiple advantages, including the following:

- They can work with biogas, natural gas, LPG, diesel and fuel oil.

- They have a high steam title.

- They are pressurized combustion completely cooled by water.

- The turboprops of the tubular beam increase the coefficient of heat transmission by convection.

- Thanks to the separation between the pipes, the internal recirculation of the water and the low resistance to the passage of gases is guaranteed.