Feed industry

The steam boiler is crucial in the production of animal feed, as it provides steam that is used in the conditioning and pelleting processes of the feed. In the food conditioning process, it is used to generate high-pressure and high-temperature steam, which is mixed with the feed ingredients in a conditioner. The steam helps to increase the moisture and temperature of the mixture, softening the ingredients and facilitating their compaction during the feed pelleting process. In addition, steam also contributes to improving the sanitization of the feed, as it reduces the number of bacteria and other microorganisms that may contaminate the food.

The amount of steam required for food conditioning depends on the capacity of the conditioner and the volume of food being processed. Therefore, it is essential to have a steam boiler of an appropriate size for the food conditioning process. It is a key piece in the production of animal feed, and its proper use and maintenance are crucial for ensuring the quality of the food.

Attsu's steam boilers are designed to operate with any common fuel (natural gas, LPG, diesel, fuel oil, biogas) and are certified according to European Directive 2014/68/EU; optionally, they can be manufactured under ASME, BS, DNV, EAC, DOSH, JIS standards.

Recommended products

Our steam boilers more frequently chosen by our customers from this industry are the following: 


Natural gas, LPG, Light oil, Heavy oil & Biogas

Three passes horizontal fire-tube with reverse flame steam boiler. The chamber is completely cooled by boiler water.



The CSPM boiler is a three-pass horizontal fire-tube steam generator, with a furnace designed for Biomass.


Natural gas, LPG, Light oil, Heavy oil & Biogas

The RLAS boiler is a Superheated water boiler that is horizontal, fire-tube with three passes and smoke chamber. The chamber is completely cooled by boiler water.