Chemical industry

ATTSU steam boilers are used in many processes for the production and processing of products in the chemical industry, including heating, emulsion, rectification, drying and extraction.

The application of water vapour as a source of heat in the preparation and transformation of products in chemical plants has several advantages. These include the fact that it is a heating agent, which is natural, non-polluting, harmless, incombustible and reusable.

Many Attsu steam boilers that we produce for the chemical industry are equipped with a dual heat use system, recovering the energy from the combustion gases. This surplus energy is used to preheat the feed water of the boiler itself, and heats the combustion air required by the burner at the same time. The total efficiency of the boiler can reach 99% throughout the process with this dual use system.


There are three types of Attsu steam boilers that are widely used in the chemical industry:

  • The GE INOX: an electric boiler built entirely in stainless steel, with a thermal power ranging from 15 kW to 5,000 kW (the scaling can be in up to 10 steps), which are designed for low and medium consumption levels and with sufficient electrical energy available.
  • The H: a water-cooled three-pass fire-tube boiler with steam production of 2,000 Kg/h up to 50,000 Kg/h, and thermal power from 1,500 kW up to 32,500 kW.
  • The RL: a three-pass fire-tube boiler with flame inversion that like the H is designed to operate with natural gas, LPG, diesel, fuel oil or biogas. It is capable of achieving high performance levels thanks to the volume and height of its steam chamber.

Recommended products

Our steam boilers more frequently chosen by our customers from this industry are the following: 


Natural gas, LPG, Light oil, Heavy oil & Biogas

The H boiler is a steam boiler that is horizontal, fire-tube with three passes and steam chamber. The chamber is completely cooled by boiler water.


Natural gas, LPG, Light oil, Heavy oil & Biogas

Three passes horizontal fire-tube with reverse flame steam boiler. The chamber is completely cooled by boiler water.


Electric Steam Boiler made of stainless steel

The GE INOX made by inox is an electric steam generator conceived for small or medium consumption, installation in clean environments or supplying high purity steam.