Transport services cleaning with steam

The use of high temperature and pressure water steam to clean and disinfect surfaces is an effective and environmentally-friendly technique. It's employed across various sectors, including transportation services. Cleaning processes for tanks, as well as the sterilization, steaming, and drying of tubs or containers used in different modes of transport, are all essential. ATTSU offers specialized equipment for these tasks.

Steam cleaning for transportation services presents the following advantages:

Deep disinfection: High-temperature steam kills germs, bacteria, viruses, and other pathogenic microorganisms on surfaces. This is especially crucial to prevent the spread of diseases through transportation means.

Avoidance of harsh chemicals: Unlike conventional cleaning products that might contain strong chemicals, steam cleaning solely relies on water. This reduces exposure to harmful chemicals for workers. Additionally, fewer toxic residues are generated during the cleaning process, contributing to sustainability and environmental care.

Efficiency in cleaning: High-pressure steam can loosen and remove stubborn dirt, grease, and stains from surfaces. This can reduce the time and effort needed to clean vehicles, ultimately improving operational efficiency.

Water savings: Compared to traditional methods, as steam penetrates and detaches dirt more easily, generally less water is required for cleaning and rinsing surfaces.

Versatility: Steam cleaning can be applied to a wide range of surfaces and materials, from upholstery to glass and metal. This makes it a versatile option for cleaning different parts of transport vehicles. However, there might be limitations depending on the specific situation and the type of material being cleaned.

Allergen reduction: Steam helps eliminate allergens such as dust mites and pollen particles, thus improving the indoor environment quality in vehicles.

Regulatory compliance: Transportation services often fall under various cleaning and hygiene standards and regulations. Steam cleaning can help meet these requirements.



Recommended products

ATTSU provides steam boilers and auxiliary equipment to deliver an efficient cleaning and disinfection system for cleaning plants of tubs, containers, and tanks, followed by their sterilization and drying, if necessary, for transporting various products, including food, chemicals, industrial goods, and more.

Our steam boilers more frequently chosen by our customers from this industry are the following: 


Natural gas, LPG, Light oil, Heavy oil & Biogas

Three passes horizontal fire-tube with reverse flame steam boiler. The chamber is completely cooled by boiler water.


Electric low voltage (400 - 690 V)

The GE is an electric steam generator conceived for small consumption, installation in clean environments or supplying high purity steam.


Electric low voltage (400 - 690 V)

The ACE is an electric hot water boiler for small consumption, installation in clean environments or supplying .